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Asbestos removal:
licensed and non-licensed

We offer safe, fast and affordable asbestos removal.
All works with asbestos require a suitable risk assessment and must be carried out with the appropriate controls in place. Those carrying out the tasks must have suitable information, instruction, training and supervision. This ensure they can protect themselves (and others) from the risks to health that exposure can cause.


We offer a UKAS Accredited 17025 Asbestos Sample Testing service. One of our local asbestos surveyors will attend your commercial or domestic property and take samples of suspected asbestos material for you. This will ensure that the process if conducted safely and within regulations.
Our expert surveyors are located throughout south east UK and can react very quickly, which is especially handy in emergency situations.


We offer both Management Asbestos Surveys and Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Surveys.

You need a Management Asbestos Survey during normal occupation of a building. This is required on any non-domestic buildings or shared parts of domestic buildings built before the year 2000.

You need a Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Survey before carrying out any construction work. This must be carried out on any building built before 2000, unless you know for certain there is no asbestos present (due to prior removal or other evidence).



You have a duty of care to your staff, yet we know you also want to manage expenses and future outlays. Our professional asbestos consulting will help you balance both. We offer:

  • Advice on which asbestos survey is most suitable and plans.
  • Advice on the most cost effective methods to manage asbestos safely.
  • Should asbestos need to be removed from your premises, we can develop plans of works and specifications on your behalf as part of a tender process.
  • A second opinion or evaluation of your contractor’s tenders and method statements.

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